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Czech Republic hosts 1st European GLOBE Games

The town of Česká Třebová, Czech Republic, hosted the 1st European GLOBE Games from May 6 to 8, 2005, an expansion from the traditional Czech GLOBE Games. More than 400 students and teachers from 13 countries (Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lebanon, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovak Republic and Switzerland) participated in the event. Organizers, visitors and special guests brought the total number to nearly 550! Petr Baboucek, Director of TEREZA Association, which is the Country Coordinating body for GLOBE in the Czech Republic, said, "I'm quite happy that GLOBE Games allowed for so many students and teachers from different countries to meet and I believe that this meeting will facilitate their continued cooperation. I hope that this year's [European] GLOBE Games have begun a European tradition which will continue in the coming years in different countries."

TEREZA has now hosted GLOBE Games in the Czech Republic for eight years in a row and has always welcomed schools from other countries to participate. This year they accepted the challenge to organize the European GLOBE Games to begin a new tradition. Dana Votapkova, Country Coordinator for GLOBE in the Czech Republic, said, "We organize GLOBE Games every year with one of the most active Czech GLOBE schools. This year the GLOBE Games were hosted by Gymnazium Česká Třebová. The Games were held under the auspices of the County Council of Pardubice and the City Council of Česká Třebová. There were many organizations, schools and volunteers that helped and the feeling of cooperation was really great. Thanks to them, there were also many accompanying programs available for participants."

Schools were organized into teams, mixing the International students with selected Czech students. While the student teams competed, teachers had the opportunity to participate in several different programs, for example: "How are the Spruces" (a practical demonstration of how to examine the health of spruce trees) and "Understanding GLOBE Student Data" (GLOBE data activities to use in the classroom). The school that traveled the longest distance to attend (also from slightly beyond Europe's borders) was the American Community School in Beirut, Lebanon, represented by teacher Renee Codsi and 4 students. All students agreed that it was an amazing and incredible experience. Ms. Codsi said. "It was fantastic seeing the cooperation between the students from different countries." Even though cold and rainy weather threatened, participants filled the streets of Česká Třebová and, as has been the tradition of the Czech GLOBE Games, pushed the huge inflatable globe from the host school to the site of the GLOBE Games.

Everyone on hand agreed that it was an exciting event. Jana Ledvinova, Director of GLOBE Europe, said, "GLOBE Games was a fantastic, successful activity and the organizers have my greatest admiration and respect. I consider it to be one of the most effective long-term methods of motivation for students and teachers to continue in the GLOBE program and to develop it." Gary Randolph, Regional Director for GLOBE in Europe, said, "What an amazing event - not only to allow students the opportunity to practice GLOBE protocols but also to see old friends and make new ones, to have fun and to promote international cooperation!"

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History of the GLOBE Games in Czech Republic: 
1997 - pilot event held in Prague in Prokop Valley (100 students from 15 Czech GLOBE schools); 
1998 - held in the town of Valašské Meziříčí in cooperation with the Youth Center and the local primary school (130 students and 20 teachers from 18 Czech GLOBE schools); 
1999 - held in the town of Telc in cooperation with Hradec Primary School (160 students and 30 teachers from 20 Czech GLOBE schools); 2000 - held in the town of Humpolec in cooperation with Gymnazium Dr. A. Hrdlicky (280 students and 46 teachers from 33 Czech GLOBE schools, 36 students a 18 teachers from 4 Norway GLOBE schools);
2001 - held in the town of Kadan in cooperation with Gymnazium Kadan (250 students and 45 teachers from 33 Czech GLOBE schools, visit from Dr. Irene Ladd - Education P.I. for Ozone); 
2002 - held in the town of Dacice in cooperation with Gymnazium Dacice (250 students and 40 teachers from 30 Czech GLOBE schools, 6 students and 2 teachers from Polish GLOBE schools, visit from Dr. Irene Ladd, Education P.I. for Ozone, and Prof. Barry Rock, GLOBE's first Chief Scientist from the University New Hampshire, and Dr. Jana Albrechtova, from the Natural History Faculty at Charles University, and Engineer Marta Kubova from the Czech Ministry of Environment, members of the Czech GLOBE Scientific Board); 
2003 - held in the town of Karviná in cooperation with Borovskeho Primary School (230 students a 40 teachers from 27 Czech GLOBE schools and 50 students and teachers from 11 Polish GLOBE schools, visit from Pratiksha Patel, GLOBE International Desk Officer); 
2004 - held in the town of Brumov-Bylnice in cooperation with Brumov-Bylnice Primary School (210 students and 42 teachers from 32 Czech GLOBE schools, 16 students, 3 teachers and 8 parents from Norway GLOBE schools, and 21 students and 2 teachers from Finland).

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03 June 2005