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And What Do We Carry in the Suitcase? Uruguayan Students at the GLOBE LAC Regional Meeting

In mid-October, Juana Bazzino and Bruno Acevedo, 5th-grade students from Rural School No. 88 in Las Violetas, Canelones, Uruguay, had the opportunity to be ambassadors for their entire group and travel to Panama to present their science project at the GLOBE LAC Regional Meeting.

For any trip, it is necessary to have a suitcase that contains everything a traveler will need while being far from home for almost a week. So, Juana and Bruno began packing everything they believed to be convenient -- not only appropriate clothing for the weather they would encounter but also items that would identify them as students from a public school in Uruguay.

The first things they packed were their “túnicas,” the uniforms that have been used since the beginning of the 20th century, consisting of a white overall with a beautiful blue bow. The “termo y mate” were other items that they packed. But they didn't just pack those material items that distinguish them globally. Juana and Bruno carefully packed all the work done by a group of 24 students (and their teacher, Juan Martinez) from 4th and 5th grade who, since March, have been working on a research project about native trees, their identification, and their importance for our environment.

In addition, they were carrying the pride of being an active part of this regional event and exchanging their work with other peers, as well as the honor that swells the chest and leads one to give their best for the entire GLOBE Community present at the meeting.

Principal Darío Greni Olivieri states, "Personally, seeing both students present their research allowed me to reaffirm once again the importance of this program and how it provides opportunities for our children to grow not only academically but also personally."

Olivieri continues, "As a teacher and a member of the education working group, I celebrate and encourage these types of meetings that go beyond the mere formal presentation. They combine aspects that enhance collaborative work, learning from others, the ability to hear other experiences that we can replicate in our environment, and, no less important, allowing us to have an active voice and be part of a community that grows year by year thanks to those who are part of GLOBE in our region."

The suitcase Juana and Bruno carried back was even bigger. While many things stayed in the north, much more accompanied them to their beloved rural school and are now an essential part of it.

When asked how they experienced this, Juana and Bruno mentioned the following:

"My experience was unforgettable. I enjoyed it a lot and couldn't be more grateful to all the people from the GLOBE organization. I loved presenting and sharing our traditions with people from other cultures. The recreational activities were very fun and instructive. We learned new protocols, and seeing the eclipse was incredible. I am very grateful to GLOBE and the hosts for organizing such a friendly meeting for us." Juana Bazzino

"In my opinion, the trip was very beautiful because of everything we experienced. I really liked the activities, such as the outing to Punta Culebras to observe birds and mammals, the tour of the aquarium, and the measurements we took of different trees. It was also great to get to know the Panama Canal and hear everything they told us there. Finally, the presentations at the American Center were all very good. I highlight the good attention and everything they did for us." Bruno Acevedo

Here's to many more exchange meetings between teachers and students. This is where our daily work lies.

Images courtesy Darío Greni Olivieri (GLOBE Education Working Group Member), Principal of Rural School N° 88, Las Violetas, Canelones, Uruguay.



Felicitaciones a todo el equipo investigativo GLOBE!!! Un orgullo para GLOBE LAC!!! Un saludo afectuoso desde Rosario, Argentina!!!

Congratulations to the entire GLOBE investigative team!!! A pride for GLOBE LAC!!!! Greetings from Rosario, Argentina!!