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GLOBE Estonia Celebrates Earth Day 2016

Teachers and students pose together for a group photo.

Three students stand together for a photo.

GLOBE Estonia is an avid participant in celebrating Earth Day each year.  Most years they celebrate by watching the movie “An Inconvenient Truth,” taking a nature hike and attending a reception at the U.S. Embassy.

However, this year was special. This year they planted a forest of pine trees.

Earth Day 2016 started early in the morning for GLOBE Estonia students and alumni with a bus ride from Tartu to Kuusalu, Estonia. In Kuusalu, GLOBE participants met with the U.S. Ambassador, employees from the U.S. Embassy and organizers from the State Forest Management Center (SFMC).  

“We were divided into pairs, and the organizers provided instructions on how to use the equipment,” said GLOBE country coordinator, Laura Altin

The pine tree is the most common species in Estonia, but due to high intensity in harvesting it needs to be replanted many times.  After just a few hours the teams had planted all the trees and had some time to relax and share their impressions about the day.

Two teachers look at a young tree planting.“We are proud that our group of students and alumni planted their own forest. Now we are thinking about doing land cover measurements at this location,” said Altin.  

U.S. Army members, who are on a mission in Estonia, also participated in the festivities.

“The weather was wonderful, and the people were amazing.  The organizers even taught us how to dance around our newly planted trees,” added Altin.

The event was organized in cooperation with the Embassy of the United States in Estonia, GLOBE Estonia and the State Forest Management Center (SFMC).