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From the Trees of Técnica de Acebal (Santa Fe, Argentina) to the XX Regional Meeting of GLOBE LAC

Emiliano Vinocur (GLOBE Teacher) and his students joined the Trees within LAC Campaign in February 2023. They shared the initiative with the Research Team of Technical Professional School No. 449 "Pago de los Arroyos" in Acebal, Santa Fe, Argentina. After two years of work, they decided to expand with new members and a renewed project, addressing challenges presented in webinars led by the team of Mariana Savino, Andrea Ventoso, Claudia Caro, Ana Prieto, and Josefina González.

As the presentation date approached to see if Vinocur and his class could obtain a stipend and travel to the XX GLOBE LAC Regional Meeting in Panama that October, they faced uncertainty due to numerous school activities and their graduation trip. With courage, they put together their materials and submitted it on time, resulting in the class's selection and schools from different places (Victoria and Escobar in Argentina, Uruguay, and Colombia).

Vinocur recalls, "Upon reaching this stage, we experienced great pride that resonated in local media, mobilizing the Educational Community and exciting the team." It was the first trip abroad for the selected travelers, Vinocur and fifth-year student Juan Manuel Hernández.

The meeting with representatives from 15 countries was more exciting than planned, full of learning at every moment. Throughout the days, talks, strategies and essential resources were proposed to continue the work in schools. Vinocur and Juan Manuel noticed the generosity and kindness provided, revaluing their performance and encouraging them to strive for more.

The project presentations were a great moment to share their class's journey, enriched by a unique and symbolic cultural exchange. The event included the much-anticipated observation of the Annular Solar Eclipse, which was prepared thanks to the joint efforts of The GLOBE Program and NASA; despite the rain, this splendid moment demonstrated the dedication of scientists and the ability to conduct activities in a clear and accessible manner. It is worth noting the human and scientific value of each participant that allowed us to achieve even more success with everything offered.

"Working with NASA and The GLOBE Program opened doors to unimaginable places, allowing for new research, study subjects, and meaningful connections. All the materials and training we received were of high quality and essential to be replicated with everyone who stayed in our home places, beyond individual experiences. For Juan Manuel, this unique opportunity provided tools for his final year in school, and he committed to continue with more activities with his team and the educational community."

Vinocur continues, "We thank everyone who made this opportunity possible and look forward to it happening again, allowing us to explore beyond our localities and reaffirming our commitment to NASA and The GLOBE Program!" 

Images courtesy Emiliano Vinocur, GLOBE Teacher, Argentina.


Felicitaciones a todo el equipo de la Escuela 449 de Acebal. Es una enorme alegría ver los logros alcanzados dentro del Programa GLOBE!!! Un orgullo para  el equipo GLOBE de la Provincia de Santa Fe, Argentina. Todo esfuerzo tiene sus recompensas... a seguir adelante con los proyectos de investigación!!!

Congratulations to the entire team at School 449 in Acebal. It is a great joy to see the achievements achieved within the GLOBE Program!!! A pride for the GLOBE team of the Province of Santa Fe, Argentina. Every effort has its rewards... keep going with the research projects!!!