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GLOBE Oman -- Samad School Studies Afforestation for Arbor Day

The Globe Program, implemented by the North Sharqiya Educational School in Oman, is used for training, conducting workshops, research, conducting experiments, and applying specialized protocols.

A number of schools participate in GLOBE, as well as the Omani Ministry of Agriculture, the Environmental Authority, and the STEM Program, all in the presence of a number of academics and researchers in the environmental field.

At a recent event, the guests were welcomed and a workshop was held on the four theoretical and practical Protocols. Students were trained on how to use the GLOBE devices and tools for their projects. An exhibition was held where some experiments and innovations in the environmental field were presented, as well as environmental research.

Participants presented the experiences of the Environment Agency in afforestation and environmental preservation. After that, the Ministry of Agriculture presented a display that coincided with Arbor Day; through the display, a tree was planted for the occasion.

In conclusion, a theatrical performance was held on the importance of The Globe Program. A poem was read aloud, and the participants were honored for their work.

Images courtesy Ishaq Hamid Al Jabri, Globe supervisor for the North Sharqiyah sector, Oman.