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Kyrgyz Republic Holds GLOBE Training for Teachers and Students

In early November 2023, the second GLOBЕ training in Osh (southern city in the Kyrgyz Republic) was held with great success. Since before the Covid-19 pandemic, the Kyrgyz GLOBE Program had a goal to organize a training there; finally, in 2023, that dream came true. 

Twenty teachers coming from both urban and rural schools participated. The special feature of the training was that teachers were invited to come with their students; thus, a total of 40 people were trained. The main areas of focus were the Atmosphere and Biosphere protocols, but the participants learned about other areas too. They were introduced to the many international GLOBE campaigns and events as well. Thanks to that, trained teachers were motivated to actively work within the framework of The GLOBE Program in the future. 

One of the participants, Baktybaeva Kalinisa, concluded “I am very grateful for joining the program. We had organized various events in past, but what I like about The GLOBE Program is that all the ideas and plans are ready, you just have to start working. And I dream that my students will also participate in the international events.”

The main language of all participants is Kyrgyz, however, during the training, the students were very active and were able to communicate directly and freely with the trainer in English. Students also helped their teachers in using the GLOBE website and mobile applications. That brings confidence that cooperation between students and teachers will be successful.

The event was conducted by GLOBE Trainer Vladimir Ribicic from Croatia and Murataly Duishonakunov, GLOBE Program Coordinator for the Kyrgyz Republic. When asked about his wish for the GLOBE Community in the Kyrgyz Republic, Duishonakunov said, “As a Coordinator, I hope that many of them received diverse ideas and will work closely with us in the future. What fascinates me is that after the training, students are very active in asking questions -- because they themselves participated in the training. I realized that we should work not only with teachers, but also with students directly!”


Organizing such an event was a joint effort and Duishonakunov expressed his sincere thanks to all who assisted. “We are deeply grateful to Osh State University, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Professor Abdurashit Nizamiev, who created all the conditions for the training. We also deeply appreciate the NABU branch in the Kyrgyz Republic, headed by Dr. Tolkunbek Asykulov, who jointly organizes training and provides constant financial support. Of course, this training would not have been possible without the GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Regional Office leadership. We are very grateful!”

Images courtesy Murataly Duishonakunov, GLOBE Kyrgyz Republic Coordinator.