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Omani School Organizes the "Science Oxygen of Life" Event Using GLOBE Protocols

In early December 2023, Souda Umm al-Mu’minin School in Al Dhahirah Governorate organized the “Science Oxygen of Life” event in the presence of Rashid Al Hinai, Director of the Educational Supervision Department in Oman. The event aimed to show the importance of the science subject that the student studies and its impact on human lives. In this context, the school’s GLOBE team participated in the accompanying science exhibition. For the event, the tools used in the program were displayed, as well as a presentation of the scientific research that participated in local and international competitions. At the conclusion of the event, an environmentally friendly science park was opened, through which students can apply the protocols of The GLOBE Program.

Images courtesy Bader Salim, GLOBE Oman.