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Punjabi GLOBE Students Hold Exhibition Demonstrating Sustainable Development Goals for Environmental Protection and Green Energy

BCM Arya Model Senior Secondary School organized its Annual Exhibition "Anvesha" on 30 October 2023 in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. The exhibition had different 12 themes on which scientific models, skills, creativity were displayed. A special stall on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Environment Protection and Green Energy was set up with the latest updates under team leader Vipra Kale as Environmental Manager. The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr. Biswajit Saha, Director of Training and Skill Education at CBSE, Ministry of Education, Government of India.

All models displayed were informative, innovative, 3D and designed using creative technology. School principals, students, parents were invited for exhibition. Principal Anuja Kaushal appreciated the efforts made by students and teachers which gave exposure and a platform to display the students' creativity. Some of the Key Goals were:

  • Sustainable India (Life on Land goal #15) - current updates of India's initiatives of consent biodiversity, rivers, wetlands, forest with information of Punjab on a QR code
  • Healthy Oceans (Life Below Water, goal #14) - ocean, seas with healthy corals , trash free oceans 
  • Clean Water and Sanitation (SDG #6) - India s UNEP recognized project Namami Gange Cleaning of the Ganga River, Ghar restoration, plantations, Aviral Ganga, Arth Ganga providing job opportunities and Ecotourism via river cruises
  • Ecovillage (Sustainable Cities and Communities goal #11) - Sustainable village with Honourable Prime Minister of India's national projects for upliftment, solar , wind energy usage, sustainable agriculture. The project details of rural areas were presented in a QR code.
  • Sustainable Cities and  Communities (Sustainable Goal #11) - Green buildings Green jobs, use of natural resources, solar, wind energy, rain water harvesting, organic farming, organic clothing, community centers, Mission lifestyle for Environment launched by Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi at International Panel for Climate Change in Glasgow
  • Climate Action (Sustainable Goal #13) - The anthropogenic causes of disasters, effects, and mandatory methods 
  • Floating city (Sustainable Goal #13) - Mitigation for sea level disaster. A city which is reclaimed and floats during hydrological disaster and uses Green Energy for consumption
  • Energy from E-waste (Sustainable Goal #12) -  Responsible consumption and production
  • Energy generated from Noise (Sustainable Goal #7, affordable and clean energy) - Growing noise pollution is a nuisance of growing transportation, noise is used to generate electricity.
  • Robots cleaning solar panels (Sustainable goal #7) - Robots are used to clean the solar panels 

The exhibition provided the opportunity for GLOBE Students to present their research presentations and ideas on SDGs. Student models were on the aforementioned key goals. 

The students are actively participating in and achieving the SDGs. They are targeting and bringing awareness to their schools and communities, using GLOBE Protocols to better understand the SGDs. Students learned how to use science, data and online tools in the development of their research projects. Their participation in these activities would allow them to collaborate with other GLOBE schools from around the world to strengthen their research experience and share ideas.

Images courtesy Dr. Desh Bandu, GLOBE Asia and Pacific Regional Coordination Office.