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Qatar Holds Training Workshop for New GLOBE Teachers

The Ahmad Al Adwani High School (Kuwait) held a training workshop for teachers newly affiliated with The GLOBE Program this past June. 

GLOBE Mentor Trainer Abdullah Al-Otaibi explained the Atmosphere Protocol, presented the method for determining cloud types and heights, and methods for monitoring data for the pH and temperature. Mentor Trainer Saud Al-Shammari then explained the Precipitation Protocol, types of precipitation, methods for monitoring its data, and identified the tools used in monitoring precipitation. Mentor Trainer Ibrahim Abdul Nabi explained the Soil Protocol, and reviewed methods for studying soil in terms of color, pH, and the presence of root rocks and carbonates in the soil. GLOBE Teacher Jumanah Al-Saleh participated in the workshop as well, presenting ways to use the tools related to The GLOBE Program. Finally, new teachers were trained to use The GLOBE Program's app, GLOBE Observer, for monitoring and uploading data.

This workshop was important because it helped to convey environmental awareness among teachers (and then to their students and society) to care about the environment. It works to support the efforts of scientists in their studies and research related to the Earth and ways to deal with a changing climate.

Mentor Trainers are important in conveying their experiences in the field by following up and monitoring changes in the environment and working to clarify the students' roles in caring for the environment as a place in which humans live. 

Images courtesy Ibrahim Abdul Nabi Alsayegh, GLOBE Kuwait Mentor Trainer.