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IVSS: Regional Statistics

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The below charts show the total number of submitted IVSS projects since 2016 by year and region, as well as how many judges and other volunteers have participated from each region.

There is also scoring data below for the last two years, including the number of stipend-eligible projects for each region. Such projects received a four-star research badge and at least two additional badges, making them eligible for a random drawing for a stipend or other award.

Total Projects

By Year

Chart showing total projects by year for each region.


Pie chart showing total projects by region over all years.


Recent Stipend-Eligible Projects

Chart showing the number of stipend-eligible projects for each region from 2022 to 2024.

Average Scores



Asia and Pacific

Europe and Eurasia

Latin America and Caribbean

Near East and North Africa

North America


2.53 3.06 3.55 3.38 2.24 3.08


3.06 3.13 3.55 3.41 3.30 3.70


3.33 3.34 3.44 3.43 3.53 3.36

Judges and Other Volunteers

By Year

Line graph showing the total number of judges and other volunteers from each region, from 2016 to 2024.


  • Africa: 105
  • Asia and Pacific: 192
  • Europe and Eurasia: 175
  • Latin America and Caribbean: 152
  • Near East and North Africa: 97
  • North America: 467