Introduction and Expectations

I have been a GLOBE teacher since 1999.  In the first few years, my school was very active in atmosphere testing as well as hydrology.  However, we lost our atmosphere station in Hurricane Katrina, and from that year until this past school year, I did not teach Environmental Science.  I returned to teaching Env.Sci. this past school year, and renewed my interest in the GLOBE program.  I took a couple of refresher workshops on atmosphere testing and hydrology during the past few months and am ready to get to work!!!

I signed up for the L2R program and summer institute to get my students involved in REAL science.  Although I have been teaching for a long, long, long time, I need the skills to guide students in a real-life research project.  I also need training in the use of technology in education and how to assist the students in reporting scientific data.  (The students are much more advanced than I am in the use of technology, but not necessarily its scientific uses).

I am really looking forward to collaborating with other teachers and schools in this project and in getting the students excited about the environment.  Env. Sci. is my favorite subject to teach, and  it requires me to stay on top of current research.  I want the students to be involved with this current environmental research as well.

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"Real" science is indeed what GLOBE is about. As I look at the possibilities of our students one day providing evidence on research about a particular entity of climate change; it excites me to believe and know that these students carry "change agents" that can influence the scope of local practices, policies and even legislation. That's REAL science!