What I will take from L2R Institute

This has been a great week of learning new things and meeting new people.  I hope that my students  benefit from this training as much as I have.  I cannot wait to get started on our atmosphere and hydrology testing.  I think it will be a valuable experience for the students to communicate with other students across the continent who are doing similar work.  As we do our atm and water testing, we will be sharing data and stories with--

1. a school in Houston, a city similar to ours, with environmental issues similar to ours

2. a school in Montana, much smaller with a much different climate, and

3. a school in Michigan that will also be studying wetland issues.

We will get started in August and will be reporting back after that.

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Great job Ann.You are top of the line.
Great to see your enthusiasm, and can't wait to see your results!