GLOBE Has So Much to Offer

Yesterday, I visited Bell Multicultural High School and Lincoln Middle School, which share a campus near my home. It was inspiring, and I saw good science teaching with students doing research experiments dealing with bioremediation of soils. In discussions, I found myself talking about GLOBE and the many aspects of what the Program offers.

Students were experimenting with plant uptake of soil contaminants and were planning to take water samples from the Anacostia River bordering the area where they had collected soil samples. Their insight into the soil could be greatly expanded through taking data following the GLOBE Pedosphere Investigation. Soil properties that can be determined using GLOBE protocols may influence bioremediation and its effectiveness. The river sampling could be recorded and shared through the GLOBE data system.

Many of the students at the school have Spanish or other languages as their native tongues. The school supports students learning at their appropriate grade levels by allowing teaching and learning without insisting on English only. GLOBE has most of its materials in Spanish, Arabic, and other languages.

A number of students’ families have immigrated from Africa and Latin America and still have ties to these places. GLOBE has participants from many of these countries and offers ways for schools to collaborate across borders. There are also opportunities for some student researchers to travel abroad to participate in GLOBE Learning Expeditions.

Students do many types of projects and present their work within the school. Student research can be one type of project. GLOBE provides good support for student research with information, examples, and many types of data to use in investigations. GLOBE also offers regional and virtual science conferences where students can present their work to a wider audience and be evaluated using a thoughtful rubric.

Finally, GLOBE provides an opportunity for schools to publicize and be recognized for their wonderful work and contributions to environmental understanding. GLOBE has so much to offer!

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Thank you for visiting the schools, I am sure the students found talking with you valuable. And you are so correct....GLOBE has so much to offer to students in so many ways and you have outlined many of them here.

Thank you for taking the time to outline these