Many of us are so used to having clean freshwater that is easily accessible that we don't often stop to marvel at the fact that we are incredibly fortunate. The majority of our freshwater comes from our water cycle, and precipitation is unevenly distributed across the globe. You can learn more about the importance of clean freshwater resources in this "one-pager" entitled "Precious Freshness".  

During our ENSO Phase III Webinar #3, we will be focusing on water quality in Europe and Eurasia. We will host this webinar at 18:30 UCT, and hope we will have many of you from around the world join us- especially those in Europe and Eurasia. Find out about this webinar here! This would also be a nice webinar to allow students to join to enable them to better understand how water quality is measured by both scientists and GLOBE teachers and students, and to learn how NASA satellites assist with taking these measurements as well.

In this article, the European Environment Agency describes the great progress that has been made in the past 25 years to improve water quality in Europe, and it describes several examples of public policy and education that must take place to continue to ensure clean freshwater resources are readily available.

Be sure to join us on at 18:30 UTC/ 2:30 EST and hear from your European cohorts about the important work they and their students are doing to learn about and improve water quality in their region.

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