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SMAP Scheduled to Launch 29 January!

NASA's Soil Moisture Active Passive Mission (SMAP) is scheduled to launch 29 January aboard a Delta II rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base (California, USA) at 9:20 a.m. ET. NASA will provide a live countdown on NASA TV and on the Web. This coverage will begin two hours prior to liftoff. Read more about the SMAP mission and launch coverage here›  

When the SMAP spacecraft is in orbit, it will take measurements of surface soil moisture and produce maps of soil moisture with global coverage every three days. The accuracy, resolution, and global coverage of SMAP soil moisture and freeze/thaw measurements will be invaluable across many science disciplines, including hydrology, climate, carbon cycle, as well as the meteorological, environmental and ecology applications communities.

As part of the SMAP-GLOBE Program Collaboration, SMAP scientists will be using data collected by GLOBE students to help validate the satellite moisture measurements and monitor their accuracy. Read more about collecting soil moisture data click here› 

The GIO will be having a Launch Party and we encourage teachers to host their own SMAP party! Follow The GLOBE Program on Facebook and Twitter for more launch information – and share your photos!

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I am leading a SMAP launch party at the Parkland Magnet Middle School for Aerospace Technology in Rockville, MD. I will teach the students about the mission, and then we will watch the launch on NASA TV- live! Should be exciting!