Implementation Guide

Teacher Implementation Guide

Teachers are the critical link between GLOBE students and our various protocols. That's why we have created the Teacher Implementation Guide, a document focused on supporting educators in our shared mission of global science education. Inside, you can find all the information necessary to introduce you to Elementary GLOBE's educational goals, as well as detailed strategies on how to incorporate our modules into your classroom.

The Teacher Implementation Guide also includes:

  • An overview of Elementary GLOBE
  • The connections the modules make to literacy and other areas of the elementary curriculum
  • A suggested usage of science journals
  • The importance of scientific inquiry in the elementary curriculum
  • Info on educational standards alignment

Download the GLOBE Teacher Implementation Guide


GLOBE strives to provide translations of our materials in the official U.N. languages. To download a translated version, click on the corresponding language below. If you'd like to add your language to this list, contact our Community Support team for more information about translation approval.

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