2018 - Elementary GLOBE Earth System Module

Earth System Module

It is time for the big play, but the GLOBE Kids are still debating which part of the Earth system deserves the lead role. In this story, students will learn how all of Earth's processes are interconnected, and how living creatures interact with those processes.

By the end of this module, students will be able to identify processes where Earth systems are interacting, use microenvironments to study natural phenomenon and demonstrate their knowledge of Earth system spheres in a creative way.

Cover of the book “All About Earth: Our World on Stage.” Five children peeking from behind a stage curtain. Behind them is a large globe. Below the names of the authors is the Elementary GLOBE logo.

Storybook: All About Earth: Our World on Stage



Elementary GLOBE Translations

Elementary GLOBE Translations

Elementary GLOBE is designed to introduce students in grades K-4 to the study of Earth system science. Each module includes a science-based fictional storybook, three learning activities and teacher's notes with a glossary of relevant scientific terminology. 

Translated versions

GLOBE strives to provide translations of materials in the official U.N. languages.

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