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April News Brief 2019

April 2019 GLOBE News Brief 

New “NASA GLOBE Observer: Trees” Tool Allows Users to Measure Tree Height

A hand holds up a phone.


The GLOBE Observer App provides a step-by-step guide for people to collect scientific data on their surroundings. With the new GLOBE Trees feature of the app, observers record tree height by tilting their phone up and down to align the screen with the tree’s top branch and base, and pace the distance to the tree; the app does the rest to calculate the tree’s height.

“With the GLOBE Observer, everyone can become a citizen scientist and easily take measurements to better understand their local ecosystem,” said Brian Campbell, GLOBE Trees science lead. Observers can measure one tree or hundreds. The data points – along with a GPS tag of the tree’s location – are sent back to NASA and collected in the GLOBE database. Anyone can visualize all of the tree height and other GLOBE data simply by visiting the GLOBE website.

To learn more about this new easy-to-use tool, click here!

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