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2020 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium Conclusions

In 2020, 263 projects were submitted from 29 countries, including 7 countries new to the IVSS.

Among these were also 22 projects from 6 countries from the Europe and Eurasia region - Croatia – 12 projects, Ireland – 4 projects, Estonia – 2 projects, Malta – 2 projects, Netherlands – 1 project, Spain – 1 project

See the overview here

All projects were scored by a team of judges from the GLOBE International STEM Professionals Network. Every student project received a virtual Student Research Badge and up to three additional badges. Projects, that earner a 4-star Student Research Badge and at least two additional badges (from the optional six badges) were eligible for a chance in the drawing. 

We’d like to give big thanks and our great appreciation to:

  • all students and teachers who worked on their projects and submitted reports
  • country coordinators that gave them a support
  • 24 judges – volunteers from 12 countries, who scored projects based on rubrics and gave students a feedback to their work

On Earth Day and GLOBE's 25th Anniversary, 22 April 2020, 7 projects were selected to receive stipends. The selected project from our region was submitted by Tehnicka skola Daruvar, Croatia: Representation of the invasive species of trees shrubs in Daruvar - 2

Big congratulation to students and teacher Sandra Milek from Daruvar!


IVSS is a great opportunity how to share results of student projects and inspire each other. You can see all the projects submitted at 2020 Virtual Science Symposium Reports

Below see a list of projects from our region that earned a 3 or 4-star Student Research Badge:

The King's Hospital, Ireland: Why Is There Such A High Level Of Nitrogen Dioxide at the Entrance to Our School?

Kilingi-Nomme Gymnasium, Estonia: The impact of weather on air quality

Gozo College, Middle School, Malta: Does Plastic Litter Affect Sea Water Temperature and pH?

Prirodoslovna i graficka skola, Croatia: Marišćina - Waste or Garbage Management Center?

Skola Za Medicinske Sestre Vrapce, Croatia: How warm is the heart of Zagreb

Srednja skola Mate Blazine Labin, Croatia: DIVINE SPRINGS

Srednja skola Prelog, Croatia: Does global warming have an effect on the water temperature of the river Drava?

Larkin Community College, Ireland: Nitrogen dioxide and Traffic

Larkin Community College, Ireland: Nitrogen dioxide levels and traffic.

Dunboyne Senior Primary School, Ireland: Dunboyne Clean Air Campaign

IES Gredos, Spain: Analytical study of variables affecting climate change in rural areas

St.Michael School, Malta: The pH and amount of rain together with temperatures during Winter in an Urban area of Malta.


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