Mosquito Bundle

GLOBE Mosquito Bundle

What's a Mosquito Bundle?

A bundle is a group of recommended GLOBE Protocols. Here is the link to the GLOBE Mosquito Bundle.


For investigations of aquatic mosquito ecology, all of the Hydrosphere protocols can be employed. Studies of water pH, water temperature, nitrates (nutrients), dissolved oxygen, water transparency, and salinity can provide information about how these variables impact the rate of mosquito development. From the GLOBE protocol for Atmosphere, air temperature, precipitation, and relative humidity would-be contributors in the breeding season as would the GLOBE protocol in Pedosphere, soil moisture, and soil temperature. Biosphere, land cover classification, and green up-green down.

The links below will take you to the e-Training modules. The topics in parenthesis will enhance your understanding of the environmental factors affecting mosquito breeding habitats.

Disease carrying

mosquito larvae



Mosquito Lifecycle video