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2023 North American Regional Meeting -- Registration Continues

Join us for the annual North America Regional Meeting this November! This year, as we convene Partners, teachers, students, administrators and many more for NARM 2023, our theme is: GLOBE Interactions and Collaborations. 2023 might be the GLOBE Year of Carbon & Climate, but we also see this as an opportunity to explore the many faces of interactions and collaborations across the North American region. 

NARM 2023 is virtual again this year by popular request. Our tentative program, by strand, is:

  • Wednesday, 01 November: Interactions and collaborations among local, regional, and international communities (Strategic Community Goal 2)
  • Thursday, 02 November: GLOBE impact and outcomes in the North American regional community: Communities of Practice and Examples (Evaluation Goal 4)
  • Friday, 03 November: Expanding our GLOBE Networks (Strategic Community Goal 1)

Register online by 30 October 2023. *Registration is open only for virtual events, not Professional Development opportunities.

News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office