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Announcing the 2024 International Virtual Science Symposium! The theme is “Climate Investigations: Understanding Earth as a System.“

The GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) is pleased to host the 2024 International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS). This year’s theme is “Climate Investigations: Understanding Earth as a System.“

The IVSS is a way for primary through undergraduate students from all GLOBE countries to showcase their research and hard work. Students learn through hands-on investigations in their local environment, which sparks their interest in science. This often leads to inquiries that help solve real-world problems and increase the understanding of our Earth as a system. It's time for GLOBE students to show the world what they have learned.

Students are encouraged to identify creative solutions to the challenges posed by a changing climate. They are also recommended to utilize and explore the Earth as a System Protocol Bundles as tools to investigate their local environmental issue. Students are encouraged to present their research in creative ways, such as through the use of storytelling tools including video, online media, storyboards, drawings, and more.

As well, the 2024 IVSS theme aligns with the Year of Climate and Carbon (YCC): A GLOBE Action and Awareness Campaign that aims to bring a deeper understanding of climate through GLOBE data collections, specifically through phenology and the carbon cycle, while promoting the several climate-related campaigns and Intensive Observation Periods (IOPs) taking place across all six GLOBE regions. Students are encouraged to align their IVSS projects with both the YCC Campaign and the 2024 IVSS theme. Some students may also have the opportunity to present their work at the 2024 Annual Meeting in Fredonia, New York, where the theme is climate and resilience.

2024 IVSS projects submissions will be accepted 1 January to 6 March 2024.

Stay tuned for more information!

There will be a series of informational webinars for teachers and students interested in participating, starting in October 2023.

To learn more about the IVSS, including report requirements, click here.

News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office