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GLOBE Europe Aerosols Campaign – Keeping Eyes on the Sky

A group of teachers look up at the sky together.

Illustration of a solar photometer.GLOBE students across the Europe are once again focused on the atmosphere during the second Intensive Observation Period of the Europe Aerosols Campaign in 2015, from 12 October through 8 November. Aerosols are tiny particles suspended in the air. Worldwide, most atmospheric aerosol particles are produced by ‘natural’ processes such as erosion of land surfaces resulting in dust, and by forest fires, chemical reactions of atmospheric gases, and volcanoes. Some particles, have human origins—industry, agriculture, transport (on the land and in the sky), and construction. They influence the air quality on both a local and global scale and are linked to our changing climate.

The GLOBE Aerosol Campaign Team has prepared classroom activities and experiments for learning more about aerosols and atmosphere. Find our more about that here. The new GLOBE Elementary Aerosols storybook and learning activities, published in August 2015, can also support learning about aerosols, for younger students.

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