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GLOBE Protocol Bundles Are Now Available on the Website!

Graphic of a bundle coming together to form one unit

Protocol bundles (groups of related protocols) are now up on GLOBE’s "Earth as a System" page. The bundles are designed to help students study certain topics across multiple spheres. The available bundles are:

  • ENSO Protocol Bundle (This bundle includes atmosphere, hydrosphere, and pedosphere protocols used for the GLOBE El Niño Southern Oscillation Campaign.)
  • Mosquito Protocol Bundle (This protocol bundle combines all GLOBE protocols related to the Mosquito Habitat Mapper App, and explains how they are related.)
  • Rivers and Lakes Protocol Bundle (The purpose of this bundle is to group GLOBE protocols that may provide students with the knowledge and ideas of various interactions happening in their local rivers and lakes.)
  • Urban Protocol Bundle (The purpose of this bundle is to suggest a group of GLOBE protocols that can provide students and teachers with integrated knowledge of the environment in urban areas, including various processes and their interactions.)
  • Water Cycle Protocol Bundle (This bundle contains atmosphere, hydrosphere, and pedosphere protocols.)

To access any, or all, of these bundles, click here.

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