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The GLOBE Zika Education and Prevention Project March Update

Photo of participants at the Asia and Pacific Regional Meeting in India

Congratulations to all the countries participating in the Zika Project! By mid-February, there were 274 workshops, almost 100,000 mosquito entries, and over 130,000 total observations.

Countries participating in the project are busy conducting, and planning, events. A few examples from each region include:

  • Africa Region – Countries are submitting proposals for Local Mosquito Workshops (LMWs). In March, Country Coordinators will be attending the Zika Project Action and Impact Meeting in South Africa in order to share their activities and best practices and to discuss their plans for the rest of the project and beyond. The Francophone and Anglophone regional public health officials, as well as other African public health officials, will be attending in order to discuss their activities and engagement with project countries. Countries are also working to get all of the workshop data entered into the database so that the tracking reflects the hard work going on in the region.
  • Asia and Pacific Region – In January, after the Zika Project Action and Impact Meeting, which was held in Hyderabad, India, countries conducted several LMWs. Country Coordinators are planning to hold many more in the coming months. The latest one held in the Philippines had an estimated 100 participants in attendance.
  • Latin America and Caribbean Region – Countries are busy planning many Country Mosquito Trainings (CMTs) and LMWs, including two more “Triple Frontier” CMTs. In their planning, all of the countries are trying to reach out to new communities. Some countries are planning mosquito data collection challenges and Intensive Observation Periods (IOPs) involving several schools.

To learn more about the GLOBE Zika Education and Prevention Project, click here.

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