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Letter to the Community
Letter to the Community  >>

Participating in the GLOBE Urban Heat Island/Surface Temperature Campaign this December? Read Dr. C’s Latest Blog – Thanking You!
The Urban Heat Island Effect – Surface Temperature Field Campaign began on 01 December, and will run through 31 December. This year, the campaign is studying the urban heat island effect in seasons – October, December, and March (2018).  >>

GLOBE Students: Are You Attending the 2018 GLE in Ireland? Be a Keynote Speaker!
GLOBE students! Are you attending the 2018 GLOBE Learning Expedition (GLE) and the 22nd Annual Meeting in Killarney, Ireland? Would you like to be a Student Speaker? From among the students registered for the GLE, one student from each GLOBE region will be selected to present a keynote address (5-10 minutes). If you are comfortable with public speaking and want to share your experiences as a GLOBE student, you may apply to be considered for the honor of representing your region at the 2018 GLE!  >>

GLOBE Alumni: Join the GLOBE Alumni Organization Today – Paying it Forward Made Easy!
Tip of the Week: The GLOBE Alumni Organization is a strong network of students who have graduated from secondary school and have the desire and commitment to participate in the activities of the GLOBE Program at a higher level. Join today – and pay it forward within the ever-expanding GLOBE community!  >>

GLOBE Clouds Team at NASA Highlights Top 10 Observers for 2017
The GLOBE Clouds team at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, USA, would like to highlight the top observers of 2017.  >>

2018 U.S. Student Research Symposia Webinar on 13 December: “Analyzing GLOBE Data”
U.S. SRS Webinar on 13 December: “Analyzing GLOBE Data” will be held at 7:00 p.m. ET. How can your students make sense of all those data sheets once you get them back to the classroom? During the webinar, Dr. Richard Wagner, the Southwest SRS Lead, will discuss GLOBE data; participants will see student examples, and will be able to ask questions.  >>

GLOBE’s Mobile Data Entry App – Data Entry Made Easy!
Tip of the Week: The GLOBE Data Entry App is available to the GLOBE community – and it’s all about making data entry easy! If you have an existing GLOBE account, the Data Entry App allows you to enter protocol data directly from your iOS or Android device.  >>

GISN Members: Pay it Forward! Meet the New GLOBE Activity Requirement and Become a Judge or Mentor for the 2018 IVSS
Calling all GLOBE International STEM Network (GISN) members/STEM professionals – your skills, abilities, and expertise is needed for the 2018 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS). Remember – starting in 2018, all GISN members will be required to do one GISN-related activity per year. Helping the GLOBE community with the IVSS is a great way to pay it forward!  >>

Cancelled: GLOBE Mission EARTH Student Follow-up Webinar (08 December): “Mapping GLOBE Atmosphere and Surface Temperature Data Using ArcGIS Online”
There will be no GLOBE Mission EARTH student follow-up webinar on 08 December: “Mapping GLOBE Atmosphere and Surface Temperature Data Using ArcGIS Online.”  >>

Registration for the 2018 GLE/22nd Annual Meeting is Now Open!
The GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) is excited to announce that the registration for the 2018 GLOBE Learning Expedition (GLE) and the 22nd Annual Meeting in Killarney, Ireland, is now open! The meeting will be hosted by GIO, along with the Europe and Eurasia Regional Office.  >>