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GLOBE Student Vloggers Focus on Collaboration and Comparison
The current cohort of GLOBE Student Vloggers (GSVs) met in November to continue work on their “collaboration/comparison” videos. (Throughout the year, a selected cohort of GSVs create vlog–style video content for the GLOBE YouTube channel.)  >>

GLOBE Community Contributes Invaluable Data During NASA GLOBE Trees Challenge 2022: Trees in a Changing Climate
The GLOBE Program would like to thank everyone who took, and submitted, vital tree height observations during the NASA GLOBE Trees Challenge 2022: Trees in a Changing Climate. The challenge, which ran from 11 October through 11 November, received 4,753 observations from 754 unique participants, including from 92 GLOBE schools. Those data points spanned more than 1,500 unique sites from 50 different GLOBE countries. The top five countries in terms of observations were: the United States (1,992); Poland (788); Croatia (292); Thailand (172); and the Philippines (167).  >>

GLOBE Highlighted at Annual Global Climate Conference: COP27 -- Recording Now Available
In addition to other GLOBE-related presentations and/or discussions associated with the program’s efforts in climate education, the NASA Hyperwall presentation: “The GLOBE Program: Engaging Youth and Citizen Scientists in Understanding our Environment” took place on 10 November. Dr. Tahani Amer, program executive, NASA Earth Science Division, hosted the presentation.  >>

U.S. GLOBE Partners: U.S. Partner Forum Application Form is Open! Deadline: 09 December
U.S. GLOBE Partners: Consider putting your knowledge, skills and talents to excellent use with GLOBE and apply to become a part of the U.S. Partners Forum (USPF). There are three openings this year. The deadline to complete the application is 09 December. (NOTE: Current members may apply or be nominated to serve for a second term.)  >>

GLOBE Students: Produce a Video for the Spotlite Video Challenge: Cloud Detectives and/or Land Detectives
GLOBE Educators: NASA wants your team of student content producers to produce a video for the NASA eClips™ website. The video challenge engages students in doing activities that can help change their misconceptions about a topic in science. Each tab on the challenge website provides the information and resources needed to produce a NASA Spotlite video.  >>

Want to Know More About the History of GLOBE Protocols? Read the New STEM Professional BLOG
A new GLOBE Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) blog, “History of GLOBE Protocols,” written by Grace M. Crain-Wright (Science Content Specialist, GLOBE Implementation Office/GIO) and Denise “Skye” Yost (Assistant Director, GIO), presents the timeline for the development of GLOBE protocols in relation to GLOBE campaigns and projects since 1995.  >>

GLOBE Community: The Community Support Team (CST) Hotline Temporarily Disabled
GLOBE Community: The Community Support Team (CST) “Hotline” has been temporarily disabled due to technical issues.  >>

Volunteer Judges Needed for 2023 International Virtual Science Symposium
The GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) is seeking the assistance of volunteer judges to score student projects for the 2023 International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS).  >>

Keeping Up with GLOBE Star Stories? Read About Our Latest Stars!
Have you been keeping up with the latest GLOBE Star Stories? GLOBE Stars are stories of projects, people and extraordinary activities being conducted around the world in connection to GLOBE. These GLOBE Stars are the bright lights that spark our imagination and inspire us with news of GLOBE at work in the world.  >>

Engaging in the Scientific Journey of the 2023 IVSS – But Missed the Informational Webinar? The Recording is Available!
Miss the Informational Webinar for the 2023 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS)? It has been recorded and is now available. The IVSS is a way for primary through undergraduate students from all GLOBE countries to showcase their research. The theme for this year’s journey into science and research is: “Global Connections: Investigating Earth as a System Together.”  >>