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05/28/2024 - 07/18/2024
Boston University Summer Course Offering: Immersion in Global Energy Distribution
Immersion in Global Energy Distribution focuses on introducing K-12 teachers to local and global environmental investigations that they can facilitate in a grade appropriate way with their students. A principal objective is for participants to recognize potential areas for investigations around their school (e.g., outdoor classroom) and in the school’s community that their students will find engaging out of curiosity or environmental justice.  >>

07/15/2024 - 07/18/2024
2024 GLOBE Annual Meeting
The 2024 GLOBE Annual Meeting will take place in Fredonia, NY, USA from 15-18 July, co-hosted by U.S. Partner SUNY Fredonia. The theme of this year’s Annual Meeting is "Climate and Resilience."  >>

Workshop: AMS Project Atmosphere 2024 - GLOBE Clouds

GLOBE Clouds Training and Certification as part of the 2024 AMS Project Atmosphere course.


NASA GPM 10-in-10 Webinar Series: Data
The seventh of the NASA “GPM 10-in-10” anniversary webinars will take place on 1 August at 8:00 pm ET [2 August, 00:00 UTC] and will focus on “data.” Join this webinar to find out how and why we use Earth-observing satellites to collect data, where you can access these free and openly sourced data, and how various NASA-sponsored programs are helping make data understandable and accessible to everyone!  >>

The State of Trees – August 2024. Continuing to Make Sense of the Land Cover and Tree Height Observations
Join us on 20 August at 1:00 pm ET (17:00 UTC) as we continue the discussion of the importance of taking GLOBE ground-based land cover and tree height observations and making comparisons to the space-based NASA satellite data and performing data analysis of the data via online data tools such as NASA Worldview, Land Cover Viewer, and Open Altimetry.  >>