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The State of Trees – February 2024
Please join us as we continue our discussion on student research methods and ideas for the GLOBE 2024 International Virtual Science Symposium “Climate Investigations: Understanding Earth as a System” as part of the GLOBE Year of Climate and Carbon Campaign.  >>

GLOBE Observer Connect
Join NASA's Brian Campbell on 8 February for a webinar looking back on the 2023 NASA Moon Trees Quest.  >>

NISAR-YCC Webinar on 31 January 2024
Learn about the new collaborative satellite mission between NASA and ISRO that aims to measure Earth's changing ecosystems.  >>

GISN Social Hour -- Thursday, 25 January
Join the next GISN Social Hour on Thursday, 25 January 8 a.m. MTN.  >>

YCC Webinar on 22 January -- NASA's GPM Mission and GLOBE Data
Join the next YCC Webinar on 22 January to learn more about NASA's Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Mission and its data connects with GLOBE Data.  >>

IVSS Webinar: Submitting Student Projects on 18 January 2024
Join the IVSS team as we walk through the process for submitting 2024 IVSS Student Research Projects.  >>

GLOBE Mission Mosquito Open Science Webinar on 10 January
Join GLOBE Mission Mosquito and GLOBE Observer's Peder Nelson with this special webinar introducing Open Science 101.  >>

Year of Climate and Carbon Webinar on 20 December 2023
Join the next YCC Webinar on 20 December.  >>

Nautilus Expedition Webinar on 12 December
Chat live with scientists about their deep-sea research!  >>

The State of Trees -- December 2023
Join this special webinar on 5 December as we hear from colleagues around the world about their experiences with Miyawaki Forests and planting trees.  >>