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The GLOBE International Scientist Network Doubles in Size

GISN in the fieldThe GLOBE International Scientist Network (GISN) has nearly doubled in the past year! The GISN is an international network of scientists who work with GLOBE students around the world. Scientists join the GISN to connect with the GLOBE community, through such activities and endeavors as visiting a GLOBE school, judging student research at virtual science fairs, learning new ways to conduct outreach, proposing field campaigns, and conducting scientific investigations with GLOBE data.

Originally launched in 2007, the GISN now (as of June 2015) has 226 members representing all six GLOBE regions and disciplines. GIO attributes the following actions to the increase of participants:

  • conducting a needs assessment survey to participating scientists in the Visiting Scientists Program (VSP), which led to VSP participants joining GLOBE;
  • creating a process for NASA observing satellite scientists to become GISN members (including working one-on-one to support the use of the blog tool on the GLOBE website);
  • establishing and fostering partnerships to promote joining the GISN (such as through UCAR's Climate Voices, Fulbright, and other similar programs);
  • conducting outreach through GLOBE newsletters and social media platforms;
  • creating a process for incoming email inquiries regarding the GISN; and
  • reviewing and altering the criteria for the GISN in regards to years of experience required to encourage early career scientists and engineers at NASA to join the group.

In 2014-2015, GIO also conducted a series of GISN webinars to showcase stories of GISN scientists, and to provide pathways for new GISN members. You can access the recordings and links to PowerPoint for these webinars on the GLOBE website.  

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News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office