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Upcoming Webinars Keep Community Informed of SCRC Phase 2
The second year of the Student Climate Research Campaign (SCRC) is set to launch in September 2012 with a focus on students developing and conducting climate science research projects using GLOBE data and other long-term data sets. A series of webinars will help keep you informed and involved.  >>

GLOBE Atmosphere Investigations Workshop
Teachers engage in atmospheric investigations during week-long training at NASA Langley Research Center. During a recent GLOBE workshop at NASA Langley Research Center, teachers worked side-by-side with NASA scientists and educators to develop meaningful atmosphere investigations by using NASA's unique resources, including observations from advanced satellite systems and real-time measurements using GLOBE instrumentation and protocols. Throughout the week teachers learned about various atmosphere indicators including: Clouds & Contrails, Temperature, Surface Temperature, Relative Humidity, Precipitation, Barometric Pressure, Aerosols, and Surface Ozone. Teachers met with guest speakers from the Science Directorate and had the opportunity to ask scientists questions about NASA latest research, missions, and what it's like to be a scientist.  >>

16th GLOBE Annual Partner Meeting Begins 15 July
We are drawing closer to the start of the 16th GLOBE Annual Meeting. For the first time in GLOBE history, the meeting will be hosted by a GLOBE Partner, The National Center for STEM Education at St. Catherine's University in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. The event will commence with a welcome reception on Sunday evening, 15 July, and will continue through Friday, 20 July with speakers, presentations, field studies and for the first time, student participation through the GLOBE Student Science Symposium.  >>

SCRC Calendar Competition
The GLOBE Program Office is holding a competition for GLOBE students to submit original artwork, photographs, or artifacts to be featured on a GLOBE Calendar for 2013. Students are to submit a brief statement about how they are using GLOBE to understand and research their local climate.  >>

Get Social With GLOBE at the Annual Partner Meeting
Calling all social media lovers … this post is for you. The GLOBE Program Office (GPO) is pleased to announce that it will have a very robust and interactive social media presence at the 16th GLOBE Annual Meeting this month. Grab your smart phone, laptop or tablet and let your circle of influence hear from you.  >>

SCRC Partner Implementation Plan 2012-2013
The Student Climate Research Campaign Partner 2012-2013 Implementation Plan is now posted on the GLOBE website. The second phase of the SCRC focuses on student climate research projects using GLOBE data and other long-term data sets.  >>

Great Global Investigation of Climate IOP 1-30 June
There are many facets to the Student Climate Research Campaign (SCRC) and one important component is the Great Global Investigation of Climate (GGIC). The GGIC features an Intensive Observation Period (IOP) that encourages teachers and students to get outside to do GLOBE  >>

Calling All Scientists
We need you for the GLOBE International Scientist Network (GISN). The GISN is an international network of scientists that work with GLOBE students around the world. Scientists mentor students and teachers, present scientific ideas, and/or collaborate on scientific research. For more information, please send us an email at  >>

Are You Collecting Phenology Data?
GLOBE is working to identify schools collecting phenology data to help develop a new phenology-based project for Phase 2 of the GLOBE Student Climate Research Campaign. If you have collected and entered data into the database – thank you! If you have collected data but not yet entered it, let us know by email at  >>

International Environment and Sustainability Olympiad
The 2012 International Environment and Sustainability Olympiad (INESPO), an international event for secondary students age 13-18, will take place in Utrecht, The Netherlands, from 9-15 June. INESPO is organized by four Dutch organizations including GLOBE in the Netherlands.  >>