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NASA Langley's GLOBE Team Celebrated Earth Day

NASA Langley's GLOBE Team Celebrated Earth Day (22 April) by observing clouds with 4th and 5th grade students at Samuel P. Langley Elementary School in Hampton, Virginia, USA.  

Each of the 165 students were provided with their own cloud chart, observation form, and sky viewer, which they used while rotating through a series of observation stations that guided them through the process of making a cloud observation. As the students progressed through each station, they had reviewed the types of clouds, learned hand-motions to help them remember the different names of the clouds, practiced identifying clouds within each of the different layers of the atmosphere, learned to observe sky color and visibility, and collected surface temperature measurements. Their observations were submitted, and the corresponding satellite matches will be shared with their teachers. Students, teachers and members of the team enjoyed a morning full of cloudy skies and science process skills in action. 

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News origin: NASA Langley Research Center