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Join the GLOBE Data Entry Challenge

Data collection is at the heart of The GLOBE Program. The data you collect helps to tell a story of the environmental conditions at a moment in time. Data are as important now as they were on the day you collected them.

So, if you have old data sheets that you have not yet entered into the GLOBE database, please join this worldwide effort to enter those data now.  If your data collection is up-to-date, then now is the time to collect and enter more data‚Ķ.online or through the new data entry mobile app, coming soon!

Whether you report new data or old, the GLOBE Implementation Office will recognize schools entering the most data during Earth Week, 20-24 April, as well as those who have contributed significant data over the past 20 years.

Don't be left out; join the Data Entry Challenge!

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News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office


With so much sad news about how we are hurting the earth I am happy to say that GLOBE helps teach the children how to recognize a healthy environment and clues to what is making it unhealthy.