School to school collaboration

Nowadays a very important aspect in education is to work in collaboration with other schools and students. It is important to do good planning and set dates for different collaboration activities.

The GLOBE Program provides the opportunity to connect students from all over the world and to work collaboratively with another school.

In several schools this methodology of teaching and communication is being carried out. The experience of participating in collaborative work is very important and one of the points to keep in mind is the connection between the teachers to organize it.

The organization is very important to the collaboration and here is some advice:

Presentation of teachers and students. 

It is important to know and exchange different aspects of their culture, what their school is like, what activities they do, and so on. A very interesting activity could be to introduce each other and show their own school to others by a videoconference.

Work in an area of ​​investigation. 

Define a situation that needs to be resolved. It is important to present a problem and it could be presented as a question. Think about the protocols to implement and do the observations and measurements. Give the opportunity to communicate via skype or another digital tool. Present the result of observations and measurements to each other.  Exchange experiences in collaborative work.

School to school collaboration is a really great experience that allows socializing with other students who are participating in the GLOBE Program.


From the Education Working Group, we are here to help you implement you school collaborations.



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Fantastic Marta!! We have a very good experience here in Uruguay, in the city of Tala, where a Chemistry teacher and another teacher trained a group of 6th. grade secondary school who taught other students of 4th. grade of Technical School as tutors. They prepared everything in both schools and then prepared the fiedl trip to the Vejigas stream, and developed the field work both groups. They analyzed their results in the laboratory of the secondary school and finally they made a video summarizing all the activities. Nice experience that combined different institutions, different groups and diffent teachers (chemistry, biology, geography). They won a grant from YLACES with this project!
Thank you Andrea!!
We have been thinking of school to school collaboration too.
We have been thinking of school to school collaboration too.
Thank you Lyudmyla for your comment.
Thank you Kevin.
It is a very important topic to work together.