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August GLOBE Tech Update

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As always, GLOBE continues to work to ensure that your “use” of the website, and associated apps, is as user-friendly as possible.

  • The week of the GLOBE Annual Meeting (12-16 July) marked the release of a number of changes and additions to The GLOBE Program’s app, GLOBE Observer (GO). For GLOBE Observers, the app now includes a redesign of the Mosquito Habitat Mapper (just in time for the Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge, which continues through 25 August). New features include a more visual larva identification key that will make it easier to determine if the larvae are one of three types of mosquitoes that most often transmit disease.  

  • GO can now also be connected to SciStarter (for those who track their citizen science contributions across multiple citizen science projects with this online citizen science hub). This is available under the settings icon; just log in to SciStarter from GO, and have all of your GO measurements credited to your SciStarter account.

  • For protocol-trained GLOBE users, a new capability is available that allows you to enter data for all of GLOBE’s atmosphere protocols. With this capability, you will see a new “GLOBE Atmosphere” graphic at the top of GO’s home screen. This will lead you to the new data entry system (initially for atmosphere protocols only). Using this interface, you will be able to enter atmosphere protocol data, create sites and observations, and edit and delete previous atmosphere measurements. The new data entry system simplifies data entry, allowing you to easily choose or create sites at your location as you enter your measurements.  A matching desktop version is available here. A quick guide on the new data entry system is available here, with a step-by-step tutorial available here.)

If you have any questions, or need assistance with any of these enhancements, contact the GLOBE Community Support Team (CST) at:


News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office