1 June 2022 - Snippets and Activities - U.S. Coordination Office

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

  • The U.S. Office is wrapping up the 2022 local Student Research Symposia (SRS). Keep an eye out for stories highlighting these events. Thank you to all the teachers, students and Partners who made these events a success!
  • Alicia Carlson (new hire in our office - YEAH!) is working on a couple of GLOBE and Natural Inquirer crosswalks. If you are a pre-service or current teacher, contact us to find out how you can earn a stipend and create some teacher-friendly ways to use these materials together in the classroom.
  • Yearbook material for the 2021 GLOBE Partner Yearbook is headed to the editor.
  • The U.S. Partner Forum met for a 2-hour re-invigoration retreat to discuss its role and processes. After 10 years, it was time to reassess and take into account all the changes since it was first formed. Ask your representative about it. :)
  • Annual Meeting is in the fast-paced launching stage - keynotes confirmed, registration open, sessions and posters accepted, virtual venue created, agenda being finalized...
  • New Student Vloggers! Watch the Facebook page!!
  • The GLOBE Partnership Listserv has been giving a couple community members some trouble. Are you getting the emails?
  • Thank you for contributing to the GLOBE North American Regional Meeting survey. Summary results are coming.
  • Wondering what's going to be new on the website in June? Wonder no longer!
  • Don't forget the Weekly U.S. GLOBE Watercoolers - see you there!

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