22 September 2022 - Snippets and Activities - U.S. Coordination Office

"I believe in the impossible because no one else does."- Florence Griffith Joyner

  • We have posted a very requested Watercooler that happened on September 8th, “Telling Your Tree Stories!”

  • An eNewsletter just went out and if you follow the link to the Recent Issue, you can subscribe yourself. These are pretty irregular and usually focus around something very timely such as SRS announcements, opportunities for students and teachers, and new GLOBE resources.

  • Haley from our office attended a workshop on data literacy and thought this site and the presenter sharing it were really amazing - it has completely different ways to visualize data:

  • The NARM will be in a virtual format, 2-5 November,  ~2 hours a day of discussion and networking for 3 days, plus recorded sessions you can view in advance of our discussions. This will be followed up by in-person professional learning, most open to both teachers and Partners, on 7-8 November in four satellite locations. See this flier for those details!

  • You saw it here first - we can confirm three states will be hosting the in-person regional SRS in spring 2023! Texas will host in the Southwest, Alaska in the Northwest, and Wisconsin in the Midwest. Stay tuned for more updates soon! 

  • Science Working Group Monthly Meeting Summary (submitted by NA Representative, Dr. Rebecca Boger): "Right now, our primary task is developing a process of bringing on new protocols and new instruments for existing protocols, and how the Science Working Group is involved in the process. We will send our draft to GIO and Dr. Leidner at NASA for review."

  • DEI Working Group Monthly Meeting Summary (submitted by NA Representative, Dr. Nikitah Okembe-RA Imani). The DEI Working Group has been busy discussing several actions to create a more welcoming GLOBE and raising the visibility of inclusive resources within our community. Some highlights from the full monthly notes are included here but I encourage you to read the linked document for key details!

    • On observances of holidays, month-long recognitions, etc. After some discussion, the Working Group will steer clear of recognizing single observances on the grounds that the choices for recognition might not be as inclusive of the global GLOBE constituency as it would desire.
    • New Years Around the GLOBE Collection: Members of the GLOBE constituency will be solicited via Google Form to present descriptions of their end/beginning of the year observances and to share narratives of any customs or recipes or artifacts of these as part of an anthology which will then be shared as a “gift” to the GLOBE community.
    • Onboarding non-native speakers of English to GLOBE: A new project will gather input from other Working Group members to develop a program to onboard community members to the protocols and see what is possible in the application of the protocols and various technologies to student projects.
    • Spanish language e-learning modules were uncovered as an outgrowth of translation work being done for the Mosquito Project and have been made available from a collective LAC in Argentina to the larger GLOBE community via the web.

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