2019 Southwest

2019 GLOBE Southwest Regional Student Research Symposium

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Projects Presented at the 2019 Southwest Student Research Symposium:



The Effect Climate Has On Infrastructure

Dove Science Academy, OK

Water and Animals Ground Zero for the Next Plague Part 3

Harmony High School, TX

Toxic Water Research Project- recognized for Peer Choice

Hawkins High School, TX

Does A Dam Affect Water Quality - recognized for Community Impact and Engagement

Jefferson Montessori Academy, NM

Does Cloud Type Affect The Percent Cloud Cover

Jefferson Montessori Academy, NM

The Concern with Pollution and the Effect on the Pedosphere

Jefferson Montessori Academy, NM

Does Water Temperature Affect pH Level In Pecos River recognized for Use of GLOBE Data

Jefferson Montessori Academy, NM

A Comparative Study of Soil Moisture recognized for Research Process

Mendez Middle School, TX

Compare and Contrast Weather Data around Otero County, NMrecognized for 21st Century Skills

Mescalero Apache School, NM

How does the PH level effect our community watershed after a fire?

Mescalero Apache School, NM

Feeding the Elders using GLOBE Protocol

Mescalero Apache School, NM

Our Sky II

Mescalero Apache School, NM

Effects of Organic Material on the Safety of Drinking Waterrecognized for Use of GLOBE Data

UT-Tyler, TX

The Effects of Runoff on Water Quality

UT-Tyler, TX

The Effect of Worms of Different Soil Typesrecognized for Research Process

UT-Tyler, TX

Water Temperature Effect on Dissolved Oxygen Levels in Palestine, Texas at Upper Lake- recognized for Use of GLOBE Data

UT-Tyler Palestine, TX


Symposium Leadership Team:

  • Nate Raynor, Mescalero Apache School, NM