Mescalero 2022 SRS

2022 Local GLOBE Student Research Symposium: Mescalero Apache School

Mescalero Apache School

Mescalero, NM

April 30, 2022

Students present at the Mescalero 2022 SRS

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Projects Presented at the 2022 Mescalero Student Research Symposium:

Project Title School

 Monitoring Air Quality Warning System

 Mescalero Apache School, NM

 Indoor Air Quality  Mescalero Apache School, NM
 Surface and Air Temperature*  Zia Middle School, NM
 Air Temp vs. The Sky Color*  Zia Middle School, NM
 Clouds: Does it Affect Air Temperature?*  Zia Middle School, NM
 How the Amount of Cloud Coverage Affects the Surface Temperature*  Zia Middle School, NM
 Clouds Affecting the Color of the Sky*  Zia Middle School, NM
 GLOBE Project*  Zia Middle School, NM

* These students were unable to attend in person due to competing school events on the same day. However, their printed posters were brought to the SRS for peer review by the students and STEM reviewers who were present in person at the SRS.

Symposium Leads: