2023 Presentations


2022 Presentations


2021 Presentations


2020 Presentations

  • GLOBE Watercooler: October 2020 – Data Literacy Training in a Virtual Setting 

  • Community Resources for Science: October 2020 – Using the GLOBE Program and Observer App to Engage Students in Data Literacy 

  • NARM: October 2020 – Data Literacy and GLOBE Student Projects 

  • CA STEAM Symposium: December 2020 – Practical Tools to Integrate Research-Based Projects/21st Century Skills Into Your Classroom 

  • CA STEAM Symposium: December 2020 – NASA/GLOBE for DEIA! NAPE’s STEM Rubric on Career Connection 

  • AGU: December 2020 – Creating Authentic GLOBE-Infused STEM Experiences in Formal and Informal Educational Settings Through Community Partnerships, STEM Professionals, Instructional Resources, Professional Development, and Student-lead Research Projects to Meet the Challenges Facing Our Planet 


2019 Presentations

In March 2019, the Partnership presented a lightning talk at the North America Regional Meeting (NARM) at NASA Langley, Supporting Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Through STEM Experiences.

In July 2019, the Partnership presented a lightning talk at the GLOBE Annual Meeting in Detroit, Exploring Careers and Learning Informally to Prepare for STEM Employment.

The Partnership held two workshops at the fall NARM in October 2019: one workshop was on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equityand the second focused on atmosphere and hydrosphere protocols and using the GLOBE Observer app.

The Partnership presented at AGU in December 2019, Supporting Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in Geosciences through GLOBE-Infused STEM Experiences in K-12 Informal Learning Environments.