Partnership Activities


On-Line Student Activity on Data Analysis - This activity uses the MyNASAData website.  Students are instructed to analyze 3 sets of same data. One set of data is surface sea temperatures using satellite images, the second set uses the same data at a line graph and the third set of sea surface temperatures used a data table.  Students use analytical and critical thinking skills to determine which data set(s) would be best for a poster presentation.  The follow up to this activity is for students to analyze their own data and determine the best means of visualization for the data they have collected.

Urban Protocol Bundle

Urban Protocol Bundle Data Sheet

Urban Protocol Abbreviated Field Guide

Research Process Though Sheet

Aerosol Data Sheet Calitoo

Project Rubric

Poster Template Aligned to Project Rubric


The WestEd/UCB Partnership has worked with a variety of organizations including non-profits, government agencies and private industry.  

There are several schools under the partnership in California, New Mexico and Hawaii that are a part of the GLOBE mission EARTH (GME) program.  The GME program is a collaboration with the University of Toledo, Boston University and Tennessee State University that provides training and support to K-12 teachers for GLOBE implementation. This program includes professional development throughout the year for teachers, professionals and graduate students working directly with students in the classroom.  The partnership arranges student tours at the participating universities, guest speakers, and WestEd/UCB partners push into classrooms to help teachers. GME schools  prepare for the Student Research Symposia (SRS) in the Pacific and Southwest regions.

Through the GME grant, teh partnership works closely with the New Mexico Public Education Department and New Mexico GLOBE Coordinator. 

WestEd/UCB’s partnership with Earth Team supports STEM learning and career exploration through an after school internship program for high school students. The goal of this partnership is to provide STEM learning and career exploration. Interns in this program also present their research at the Pacific SRS.

The WestEd/UCB GLOBE partnership can provide GLOBE training to K-12 teachers and science facilitators within a formal or informal educational setting.  This partnership also provides in-service Professional Development by providing classroom content connections between GLOBE and NGSS. WestEd and UCB are organizations with on-the-ground experiences and over 70 years of research-based knowledge. The partnership’s expertise is focused on improving STEM educational experiences for students by working with individuals at the school, district, state and/or federal levels. The partnership continues to provide K-12 GLOBE/Curriculum integration and provide GLOBE/NGSS classroom connections.  

Our specific areas of expertise are:

  1. In-service PD

  2. Education research

  3. Informal/Formal science education