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Elementary GLOBE is designed to introduce K-4 students to the study of Earth System Science. The complete instructional unit includes:

  • Science-based storybooks designed to introduce students to key concepts in water, soil, clouds, seasons and Earth system studies.
  • Classroom learning activities complementing the science content covered in each storybook that are designed to further engage students in GLOBE's 5 investigation areas.


GLOBE makes every effort to provide translations of our materials in the 6 official U.N. languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish). Currently, Arabic, English, French, German, and Spanish translations of Elementary GLOBE books and teacher's guide are available on the web site.  If you would like to assist us in adding your language to this list please contact us at elementaryglobe@globe.gov.


All About Earth Cover Clouds Have Names Cover Discoveries at Willow Creek Cover
The Mystery of the Missing Hummingbirds Cover The Scoop on Soils Cover Instruction Illustration