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Country Coordinators

Outside the U.S., GLOBE is implemented through bilateral agreements between the U.S. government and the governments of partner nations.

GLOBE Country Coordinators recruit schools and provide training opportunities and mentoring activities for teachers. 


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How Country Coordinators Implement GLOBE

Country Coordinators play a lead role in organizing GLOBE activities in their country and deciding how to implement GLOBE to meet goals in education, environment and other national objectives. 

Country Coordinators act as the point of contact for all GLOBE schools in the country. They select GLOBE schools and, in collaboration with the training team, train at least one teacher in each of the schools. They often cooperate with local scientists and teachers to enlarge their country training team and help provide training to more GLOBE teachers. 

Country Coordinators also help schools acquire resources for GLOBE participation and keep them updated on program matters, answering questions and addressing concerns. They identify issues facing schools and develop strategies to avoid similar problems in the future, looking for solutions specific to their country's education system in their country.