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STEM Professionals

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals benefit from The GLOBE Program’s data sets, interactive data visualization tools and international collaboration opportunities, among other resources. They are a vital component to GLOBE, serving as the link between science in the classroom and professional scientific research. This link cultivates local research that contributes to a global understanding of Earth science, and enhances environmental literacy through GLOBE data.


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How STEM Professionals Use GLOBE

Through GLOBE, Earth scientists can access over 230 million measurements to support their current research and spark new investigations. This high-quality data has been gathered by the GLOBE community for decades. Additionally, GLOBE’s mandatory training for data submissions means that researchers can be confident in the data used for their projects’ final results.

To help STEM professionals access GLOBE measurements, The GLOBE Program developed the Advanced Data Access Tool. With this tool, scientists and researchers can refine data queries through multiple search parameters and export that data into convenient file formats. STEM professionals can also use the GLOBE Visualization System to plot data for a single day or to get an idea of the volume of data at various locations.


STEM professionals have opportunities to connect with each other through the GLOBE International STEM Network (GISN). This network is a worldwide coalition of STEM professionals sharing ideas and collaborating on their investigations into Earth science phenomena. Members provide each other with diverse perspectives on their research, possibly leading to new insights and discoveries.

The GISN also provides STEM professionals with the opportunity to mentor GLOBE students, creating a bridge that connects the researchers of today with those of tomorrow. GISN mentors judge school science symposia, help with student presentations in their local communities and provide hands-on science experiences during field trips with students. GLOBE STEM professionals can also serve as judges for GLOBE’s International Virtual Science Symposium and Student Research Symposia.

GLOBE STEM Professional Highlights

GISN Member Uses GLOBE Data In His Research
Yashraj Patil actively uses GLOBE protocols and data in his research pursuing his Masters of Technology in Engineering Design at Symbiosis International (Deemed University) with a focus on Earth-observations using Artificial Intelligence and Spatial Data Analysis based techniques. He has been a member of the GLOBE community since 2019 as an active Citizen Scientist and member of the GLOBE International STEM Network (GISN).

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GLOBE Data Helps Scientists Predict Future Mosquito Habitats
Christopher Sun, Jay Nimbalkar and Ravnoor Bedi create a neural network to predict how mosquito larvae habitats may expand due to the changing environment. The researchers in this study use mosquito larvae abundance data from the GLOBE Mosquito Habitat Mapper tool to help train their neural network.

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