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U.S. Partners

In the United States, GLOBE works with academic, nonprofit and governmental organizations with goals complementary to GLOBE's mission. Additionally, GLOBE may also collaborate with businesses that invest in youth education and support their local community.

GLOBE's U.S. Partners — usually local state and territory groups — facilitate the implementation of GLOBE. GLOBE’s team of U.S. Partners includes academic, nonprofit and governmental organizations that support educator professional development, student inquiry and research about the environment. 


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How U.S. Partners Implement GLOBE

Potential U.S. partners must also demonstrate the capacity to recruit, train, mentor and conduct follow-up activities with GLOBE Teachers. These efforts should be focused on building capacity, creating sustainable programs and furthering GLOBE’s mission.

Each U.S. Partner must have a formal affiliation with at least one of the following:
  • An institution of higher education
  • A school district
  • A State Department of Education
  • A recognized informal education organization (501c3) focused on the implementation of GLOBE in their community
    • Examples of applicable 501c3s include Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learning centers, museums and foundations.
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