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The GLOBE Program is dedicated to providing students with the knowledge necessary to study Earth System Science. GLOBE students have a variety of ways to engage with science, education and a worldwide community of peers. Through inquiries into the different Earth spheres, GLOBE students can participate in the scientific method and direct their own educational journey.

By engaging students with Earth science, GLOBE advances scientific literacy while strengthening students’ connections to diverse perspectives from around the world.


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How Students Use GLOBE

GLOBE students have helped submit over 200 million measurements into GLOBE’s science database. Students use and analyze this data, which fosters a worldwide understanding of Earth science and the shared environment. Students can use this data to participate in the International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS), or within the U.S., one of GLOBE’s regional Student Research Symposia. Other countries also organize similar student events. At these events, students can collaborate with their peers, receive professional feedback from scientists and gain valuable experience presenting their research.


The GLOBE Program also presents valuable opportunities for students outside of their school environment. For example, GLOBE Learning Expeditions, typically held every four years, give students the opportunity to conduct field research with trained professionals, present their scientific findings and share their culture through music and games. These experiences help connect students to Earth science in a tangible and fulfilling way that can be difficult to recreate in a classroom setting.

Regardless of the future education or career path of a GLOBE student, experiences with GLOBE provide students with a broader worldview and a greater appreciation of environmental stewardship.

GLOBE Student Highlights

GLOBE Estonia Hosts 25th GRLE
In August, the GLOBE Regional Learning Expedition (GRLE) 2022 took place in Käsmu. The event brought together 160 students, teachers and researchers from Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Slovenia, Ukraine and the United States to the Käsmu peninsula to gather data on tree height and submit it to GLOBE's database.

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Alaskan Youth Present Research at Earth Day 2022 Symposium
On Earth Day 2022, over 60 K-12 students came together from across Alaska to participate in a research symposium. “Over the past year, students used GLOBE and accessed Indigenous knowledge to learn about their local environments,” Maggie House said in a recent University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) article.

Learn more about the Alaska Earth Day 2022 research symposium.
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