Web Content Source

Tutorial: Web Content Source

The GLOBE website supports the limited ability to implement HTML source code into certain pieces of web content. If you have some web design knowledge, or have been given a few lines of code to implement into your My Page, you can follow the guide below to learn more about writing code in Code View.

  1. Sign in to the GLOBE website
  2. At the top of the page, on the right, select your profile photo
  3. Select "My Page"
  4. Hover your cursor over the piece of web content you want to add your code to
  5. At the top of the web content, on the right, select the blue menu icon
    • The menu icon looks like three vertically stacked dots
  6. Select "Edit Web Content"
  7. On the web content editor page, select the content window
  8. At the top of the content window, on the right, select the Code View "</>" button
  9. Write, or copy and paste, your source code where you want it to appear within your web content
  10. Select "Publish"

Tip: If you have further questions concerning the implementation of source code into your My Page content, you can contact our support team at GLOBEhelp@ucar.edu.