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Calling All GLOBE Students: Become One of 12 Student “Vloggers” for GLOBE YouTube


Vlog-style videos are filmed in part selfie-style and help to take its viewers on a journey into the vloggers world and what they are doing, learning and discovering.  These six GLOBE students let us peek into their lives back in 2018 as part of the GLOBE Learning Expedition experience.  To watch the 2018 video, go here: 

GLOBE is seeking 12 students to volunteer as GLOBE student vloggers (video bloggers). These vloggers will create vlog–style video content for the GLOBE YouTube channel (the content will also be shared across all GLOBE social media platforms). Two students will be selected from each GLOBE region. The deadline to apply is 01 March.
To apply for this exciting opportunity, please click here for the information page. There, you will find full details concerning this competitive opportunity, including the application form, permission forms, and submission video instructions (to apply each student will film, edit, and submit a short video).
If you have any questions concerning the application process, please email us at:

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