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Tip of the Week: Check out GLOBE Across the Curriculum. GLOBE provides students with a more integrated view of the various subjects they study and supports curricula interconnections in all areas. Interdisciplinary GLOBE projects have included science, mathematics, technology, geography, social studies, language, culture, art, music, physical education, cross-age collaborations, service learning projects, life-long learning opportunities and community involvement.

GLOBE Across the Curriculum includes:

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM): Students use scientific protocols and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) when learning scientific research methodologies and analyzing data sets. The GLOBE investigation areas include Earth science and biology topics in atmosphere/climate, hydrology, soil, land cover, and phenology. Technology classes utilize GLOBE data sets to create elaborate charts, graphs and maps, comparing student's findings with other data from around the world examining data critically.
  • Geography and Social Studies: GLOBE supports the multicultural study of geography by providing hands-on experience with basic geographic skills such as understanding latitude, longitude, scale, map elements, and spatial analysis. There is a close match between the Earth science topics investigated in GLOBE and areas of physical geography such as climatology, hydrology, and soil study.
  • Languages and Culture: GLOBE students learn about various languages and cultures as they engage in authentic projects and collaborations with one another, students in other countries, and world experts in the disciplines they are studying. Because GLOBE is a worldwide program, materials are currently available in the six United Nations languages (Arabic, English, French, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and Spanish), plus German, Japanese, Thai, and a number of indigenous languages. Additional materials in other languages are becoming available through our international partners.
  • Arts and Humanities: GLOBE into the Arts and Humanities (art, drama, drawing, music, photography and even physical education). For example, students in art education classes work with contour maps, draw landscape diagrams, and study soil colors.

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