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GLOBE Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge Is On! Runs through 25 August! Scientists Need Your Photos!

The Mosquito Habitat Mapper Photo Challenge Banner: showing a roll of film

The GLOBE Program would like to invite community members and citizen scientists from around the world to participate in the Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge. The photo challenge kicked off on Sunday, 25 July, and by Friday, 30 July, there were over 1,800 photos submitted on mosquito larvae, water habitats, and land cover! The challenge runs through 25 August.  

This challenge combines the use of GLOBE’s app, GLOBE Observer (GO), Mosquito Habitat Mapper (MHM) and Land Cover tools to document mosquito breeding habitats with photos. GLOBE would like you to take photos of mosquito habitats, in either natural or artificial containers (using the MHM tool) and photos of the land around the habitat location (using the Land Cover tool). Photos submitted during this challenge will be used to create automated classification programs that can identify mosquito larvae and the environments they prefer. Such computer programs can help prevent outbreaks of mosquito-borne disease.

Scientists Need Your Photos!

For more information on the challenge, click here.


News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office


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